Ashokraoji Chavan relected as C.M.
Ashokraoji Chavan has been reelected as a Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi has shown once again confidence in him. People of Nanded has celebrated Diwali once again as news of his being nominated as C.M. for second Term reached at Nanded in the night. Nanded has strongly stood behind Ashokraoji by giving him 100% win. All the candidates of congress own. Every candidate was considered as Ashokrao and Nandedkars voted in spirit to back Ashokrao for CM ship. People are extremely happy at Nanded to see him once again in the chair of CM despite the competition by Vilasrao Deshmukh and Narayan Rane. He will soon take the oath as CM. A2Z wishes him All The Best.

Bhaskarrao Khatgaonkar wins from Nanded loksabha seat
Shri Bhaskarrao Khatgaonkar has defeated BJP Candidate Shri Sambhaji Pawar in Nanded Loksabha election. Congress snatched away this seat from BJP. Though there was a negative opinion against Bhaskarrao Khatgaonkar, he has been elected due to Ashokraoji Chavan only. Shri Ashokraoji Chavan had appealed to Nandedkars to elect Bhaskarrao and strengthen him. People voted in response to appeal made by Ashokraoji Chavan.
Ashokrao Chavan New Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Ashokrao Chavan has been elected as Chief Minister of Maharashtra after the resignation of Vilasrao Deshmukh accepting moral responsibility of Terrorist attack on Taj Hotel. He is likely to take oath on 8th December,2008. He has accepted the responsibility in difficult time in Maharashtra. But we are confident that he will overcome the situation successfully. Congratulations!!!
Plane Service in danger
Kingfisher  has started plane service at Nanded via Latur. Mumbai - Nanded - Latur  which is not getting good response. The reason may be the inconvenient root for going to Mumbai via Latur and hike in air fare. If this situation continues then Kingfisher may withdraw. People is demanding plane service like Mumbai - Nanded - Hyderabad and return. If this root starts then it will get response. Latur has been forcibly inserted due to political pressure. Another profitable root may be mumbai - Pune - Nanded and return. Due to recession, it seems that no plane service will prevail at Nanded in near future.
Mumbai Nanded Plane Service from 01/09/2008
Mumbai to Nanded plane service is likely to commence from 1 st September, 2008. All required formalities has been completed. Boing plane can now land at Nanded Airport. This will facilitate and save time of visitors to Nanded. This will also help to Industrial Development at Nanded. Guru-ta-gaddi work which was expected to be completed by August end will be completed in the month of September.
Divya Biyani first in District in SSC Examinations
Divya Biyani of Gujrathi High School, Nanded stood first in Nanded District and Rank Second in Latur Division. She is a daughter of jornalist shro Goverdhan Biyani and Prof. Deepa Biyani. Divya Biyani wants to be a IAS Officer. In English Medium Schhols, Nagarjuna Public School has performed well this time. 33 students of Nagarjuna Public School secured more than 90% marks.
Adv.C.B.Dagdiya elected as president of Maheshwari Sanghatan
Adv.C.B.Dagdiya elected unanimously as a presdient of Maheshwari Sabha, Nanded for three years tenure. He is well known Tax Consultant and social worker of Nanded. His team includes shri Pravin Kabra as Secretary, Shri Dad as Treasurer and Shri Anil Toshniwal as Joint Secretary.
New under bridge near Khalsa High School
Considering the traffic problem new bridge near Khalsa High school under the railway line is expected to be completed by 80 days says Mayor Balwantsingh Gadiwale. This under bridge will connect bafana road to dutta nagar and even city bus can travel from this under bridge. Recently, under bridge is constructed at Lalwadi but it is inconvenient to the people and hence this new bridge is going to be constructed. This will facilitate to solve traffic jam problems in Nanded city.
Earth Quake hits again
7 to 9 shocks have been experienced again yesterday. Shock  in the night around 9 p.m. was strong. This series of shocks is being continued. Due to orders of Collector of Nanded, M.G.M. College is not declaring details about shocks neither Govt. Officials are declaring shocks. There is no ambiguity now about earthquake. It will hit Nanded. When and at what time no body knows. Some schools have given demonstration to students about how to handle situation in case of earthquake.
Marathi Songs Competition gets response
Marathi Songs competition conducted by Rotary Club Nanded has received overwhelming response about 119 participants participated in the competition. This competition was conducted in Four groups. The competition was inaugurated by Dr. Mulmule. Prizes were distributed by Shantanu Doiphode and Dr.Chitra Patil.
Congress Largest Party in Kinwat Muncipalty Election
Congress is the largest party in Kinwat Muncipalty election. Rashtravadi is next to congress then Shiv Sena and BJP. BJP could secures only one seat. Congress won 6 seats. Congress is likely to get power with independent candidates. Success of congress is due to Ashok Chavans policies and management in election.
Earth Quake hits again
4 to 5 shocks have been experienced again today in the night. This series of shocks is being continued. District administration has cleaned the grounds and appealed the people that in case of earthquake come out of the house and rush to open grounds.
Earth Quake hits on Bhaubij
Earth Quake shocks once again hits Nanded on Bhaubij at 8 p.m.. This time it was 3 richter scale. This was the majour shock so far . Most of the people came out of houses in the night. Once again people are panic. Still earthquake shock reading machine is not installed at Nanded. The shocks are recorded at Latur and Hyderabad.
Earth Quake hits again
Earth Quake shocks once again hits Nanded. This time it was 2.01 richter scale. About more than 45 shocks have been experienced yesterday. About 6.30 in morning first shock occurred which was 2.01 and at 9.30 it was 2 richter scale.The shock recorded yesterday was the highest so far. Nandedkars experienced the series of shocks on 31st March, 2007 thereafter it is being continued. Till today earthquake shock reader machine is not installed at Nanded. People are worried at large scale specially residents of shri nagar and vivek nagar area but administration is busy with Guru-ta-gaddi works and neglected towards arrangements for the required machine. Scale is being read at Latur.

Sardar Balwantsingh Gadiwale likely to be Mayor of Nanded
Sardar Balwantsingh Gadiwale likely to be Mayor of Nanded. On the eve of Guru-ta-gaddi, Sardar Balwantsingh Gadiwale is being expected to be elected as Mayor of Nanded City as promised by Shri Ashok Chavan. Since Congress gets clean swip in the election, Mayor will be of Congress Party.Sardar Balwantsingh Gadiwale is the only choice for congress on this occassion.
Congress gets clear majority
In Nanded Municipal Corporation election, Congress gets clear majority by winning 38 seats out of 73. Three independents also declares support to congress. Rashtravadi could manage 10 seats, Sena 9 and BJP 3. Ashok Chavan proved his skill of management by swipping the polls. Mayor will be elected on 27th October,2007. Sardar Balwantsingh Gadiwale may be elected as Mayor. Bhanusing Rawat, Arundhati Purandare, Maqbool Salim, Munnasing Tehra and Narendrapal Barara have lost the elections.
Municipal Corporation Election
Municipal Corporation Election process has been started on 12th September. Nomination Forms will be accepted till 19th. Election fever is already at height. Congress is the only party which is over crowded with aspirants. Congress is the only party which has received aspirants for all the seats. Other parties could not get the candidates for so many seats. Ashok Chavan seems to be only leader of Nanded. Due to personal rivalries MLA Pratap Patil Chikhalikar, who was once upon the time was strong supporter of Ashok Chavan, is now fielding candidates against congress with dream of defeating Ashok Chavan. But it will remain a dream as Ashok Chavan and his party will be swiping the local poll. Since aspirants are more, Ashok Chavan has a difficult time to allot tickets. Chances of rebellions are there in congress.


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